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Career Guidance or The Art of Not Failing

A book dedicated to the analysis of guidance methods:


Orientation methods decrypted!

Choose wisely.

To be the big winner of this game where you bet your professional life, read this book!

More than one student in three makes the wrong choice. Why and how can you avoid it?

There are many ways to choose a career path: advice from a cousin, a visit to a student fair, a career assessment, simply choosing a course of study, career coaching.

For years now, methods and tools have been proposed to help you make an easy choice, but these methods pose real problems.

This pamphlet will help you to avoid the most common mistakes, and to understand the range of educational guidance offered by all the different players, as well as their limitations, so that you can choose your career and training intelligently.

Available for the price of a coffee on Amazon, Google Play, Kobo and iTunes.


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