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My Conception of Academic Coaching Practice

Coaching is a personal development method that requires specific training.

That's why I founded the Association Française du Coaching Scolaire et Etudiant (French Association of School and Student Coaching), whose aim is to promote, federate and group together the most qualified professional coaches with genuine prior professional experience with young people and the legitimacy to accompany them, in order to avoid any possible aberrations and guarantee the highest level of excellence in the services offered.

I don't see coaching as the use of specific tools other than questioning, reformulation and a few projection exercises. The coach must be able to adapt to his client by proposing tailor-made exercises to ensure that he fulfills a function in the reflection that develops and in the specificity of the situation. So, of course, over time, I reuse little exercises I've already built up and adapt them to the moment, but always with the aim of sticking to the interests of the moment to help my client move forward.

The coaching I offer is totally person-centred: I don't advise you, I ask you questions to help you find your own solutions to reach your goal.

The services I offer, which I call "accompaniment", are not coaching, because they don't rely entirely on your resources, unless you request them, and I remain in a coaching posture, but I'm also in an advisory or training posture. A quick example: in preparation for an oral, my experience may lead me to recommend an exercise or suggest you try out a method or tool that I think will help you.

The aim is to give you the basics and the tools to move forward, while working with you to find what's best for you and what will make you more comfortable and effective, with the emphasis of course on your autonomy. So, depending on the issue at hand, I'll "suggest" certain "know-hows" or methods, and perhaps sometimes advise you to implement certain techniques, if there are concrete indications that this will enable you to be more effective and achieve an objective or sub-objective.

Orientation is at the center of my concerns.

From the outset, successful study at school or university presupposes a clear choice of direction, good personal organization and clear motivation. Guidance coaching will enable you to make choices that are not simply guided by a particular aptitude for a particular subject. It's this choice of direction, and an awareness of the importance, quality and nature of the work required to achieve one's goals, that will motivate the pupil or student to surpass themselves with desire and pleasure, even if it's sometimes necessary to work on certain subjects for which we don't have an appetite, and later have fun in a job they've chosen.

For years I have noticed the lack of preparation of students for their public speakings.

Preparing for an oral presentation can't be invented! Here too, our support in preparing for public speaking is tailor-made, and it's on the basis of the assessment we'll make together, aimed at evaluating your presentation skills in terms of various criteria, that we'll be able to assess which points to work on as a priority. It's imperative to think about the medium in advance and to put yourself in the right situation. Several stages are necessary to continue progressing and reach a certain level of mastery of this exercise. The aim is not to find and apply your own solutions, but rather to start from existing, well-known solutions and personalize them, aiming for comfort and pleasure.

The biggest shortcoming of the French educational system, both in the public and private sectors:
Students are not trained to prepare for their school admission or job interviews.

Many degree courses now include internships in companies, but it's striking how many young graduates who have chosen a career path and made a success of their studies are still at a loss when it comes to approaching the world of work and presenting themselves with a clear perception of their image, skills and know-how.
Here again, the coach can intervene and support the student by helping him or her to get to know him or herself better and become aware of his or her skills, so as to better promote and present him or herself.
Today, when recruiting, it's no longer the quality of the training that really counts, but the candidate's personality. You need to be able to speak sincerely and intelligently about yourself.
At the end of your studies, you need to know how to prepare yourself for the final objective and land the job that motivated you to get there.

I can help you with all these issues, adapting to the personalities and challenges involved on a case-by-case basis. Thanks to my multi-disciplinary training, I take into account the situation of each pupil and student as a whole.

Want to assess your situation?

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