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Organization and Methodology Coaching

It's not strictly speaking coaching, in the sense that my posture is different, because coaching is based on your own resources, but in the context of organizational or methodological problems, it's not a question of finding your solutions, but rather of finding solutions that work for you. The aim of these coaching sessions is to give you the foundations and tools to move forward, while working with you to find what will suit you best and enable you to be more comfortable and efficient, with the emphasis of course on your autonomy.

I can help you in two or three sessions to find the organization that suits you, so that you don't spread yourself too thin and become more efficient. This can sometimes take an extra session or two for HPI students, who have certain specific problems such as attention problems and difficulty staying focused on a single task, for example, which take longer to resolve.

Sometimes you may just need help in finding the methodology that suits you, as school rarely teaches students how to work intelligently, under the right conditions and with tips and tricks that enable them to acquire knowledge quickly and durably. I often keep myself up to date on this issue, and closely follow the research on memory carried out by teams at the world's leading universities, particularly Harvard.

We all learn differently and at different speeds, we don't all have the same way of working, and we don't all have the same memorization skills. Your neighbor's methods or tips and tricks won't necessarily work for you. That said, it's always best to try out what works for the vast majority of students first, before looking for other solutions.

My role is to present them, or to encourage research, so that the student can study them, test them and choose the one that seems to work best for him or her. Most of the work is aimed at helping him adapt them to his own way of working, to find what works for him, what's effective.

Methodological problems are often closely linked to organizational problems, and very often have to do with motivation. They can persist and only become disabling after a few years of higher education, when the amount of work increases.

To take the example of the revision sheet, one of the tools of learning in high school and later: beyond the fact that some people still don't use them while at the university, you have to make the tool your own, learn to assess the level of detail required according to the subject or your abilities, define your own system, codes/abbreviations/colors/shortcuts/formatting, etc. And there are many tools available today, which are not necessarily suitable for everyone. And there are many tools available today, not all of which are suitable for everyone.

I've often noticed that, even after one or two years in medicine, some students still have difficulties with methodology and organization, often because they haven't taken the time to build their tools, to look for "their method", and they don't structure their personal work.

There is no miracle method that works for everyone, and it's often necessary to adapt one of the existing methods to make it work for you, and it's in this search and application that I can help you in particular.

The question of organization is also an essential parameter for efficient working, and you need to think about and adapt your organization to your own workflows, working methods and objectives. In general, the organization needed to be effective throughout the year is rarely limited to simply planning personal working time over the week or month. I'm not going to give you a series of "tricks" that can be used by everyone - that's not the point - but if you want to last several years with a high or even extreme workload, as in preparatory classes or medical school for example, precise and adapted organization becomes essential.

It's not just your work you have to manage, it's your body and mind too. Like an athlete...

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