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Who is Philippe Vivier ?

Coach and Author, graduated from the University of Paris VIII in work psychology, ergonomics and coaching. He has worked at the University of Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle and the University of Paris Orsay, in a training program for graduates and doctoral students to help them optimize their communication and identify their career goals and future jobs.

He has helped thousands of students, teenagers and adults to find their jobs intelligently, with the main concern of offering guidance without influence.

Président and founding member of the French Association of School and Student Coaching, he is regularly solicited by the media and has been interviewed by French newspapers, including "Le Monde" and "Le Figaro".


Journal le monde
Journal le figaro
Journal Ouest France
Journal direct matin


Président AFCSE

Work experience

2004 : Coach - Consultant - Mentor at Paris III Sorbonne and Paris XI Orsay University.
Since 2006 : Freelance Coach.


- Master Ergonomic and Occupational Psychology. (Paris VIII University)
- DESU "Human resources - coaching" (1 year training) (Paris VIII University)

Academic Coachings

  • Career : Choose a profession, define a career plan over 3 to 6 sessions.
  • Organization : Structure and planning over 2 to 3 sessions.
  • Methodology : Work efficiently, quickly and well with the right learning techniques over 2 to 4 sessions.
  • Public Speaking : Preparation techniques, identifying areas for improvement and knowing how to work on them.

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