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Career Guidance or The Art of Not Failing

A book dedicated to the analysis of guidance methods:


Orientation methods decrypted!

To stop wasting time and being influenced.

Choose wisely.


More than one in three students make the wrong choice. Why and how can you avoid it?

A close look at the range of the best methods for making the wrong choice.


You will begin to realize and identify how influence, even if disguised or unintentional, enters into the thinking or processes depending on the methods offered and the speakers.

There are many ways to choose one's academic and professional orientation, from visiting a student fair to the orientation assessment, from the simple choice of a training to the choice of a specific job. Nowadays, making a well-considered choice and justifying it has become of paramount importance since you have to demonstrate your motivation.

This book will allow you to understand the type of guidance on offer by all the different actors as well as the limits of the different methods and to avoid the most common mistakes while choosing the wrong method to help you choose a career and choose your profession and training intelligently.

To be the big winner of this game where you bet your professional life, read this book!

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