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Overcome Influence And Thrive - The Career Change Program for Employees

Reflection Resetter, reconversion multitool and program to reinvent your life, find your path, your passion, in short: what matters and has meaning for YOU

What has been the impact of the advice you followed? Why does everyone tell you what is the most important thing to find in life or to understand, to find or be this or that? (You know, your why, your calling, your passion, to be happy, to be successful or fulfilled, etc.).

What simply looking at reality shows us is that for someone, happiness or fulfillment will be to find their purpose, for another, to have a fun life, for the next, it will be to have a 4 hour work week. To each his own way and his own priorities and that is exactly the basis of the conception of this book.

Why do you think you are so insecure and so stuck in your own thinking? Why do you no longer know what you really like and what you want? It's the result of influence, upbringing, norms, psychological biases and too many choices or options, to name a few. This book will address some of these important things. It will help you get rid of the influence that keeps you from finding what you are looking for and free your brain, at least a little.

This is a short book and a quick and simple 10 step program that can be completed in about 2 weeks minimum. You'll also learn to question everything to make sure you're not replacing a silly belief with nonsense.

This is the multitool that everyone who wants to change their life and every job seeker needs.

This book is for you if you are in one of these situations:

Changing companies or industries
Changing your job to freelance
Changing jobs without retraining
Changing jobs while training
Looking for a job, for strategy and follow-up

This program will help you to :
Take stock of your desires.
Evaluate your personal tastes.
Identify your next adventure!

This book also contains important tips on how to intelligently research job listings and how to choose the right training.

Bonus :
+ Create an effective CV
+ Write a complete cover letter
+ Ace your interviews


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