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The Choose Your Career In 5 Days orientation program

Choose Your Career In 5 Days

Choose Your Job

and build your career plan.

Without beeing influenced. Autonomously.

The effects of influence in guidance are multiple, including through the different methods of guidance, which I discuss in my free book: "Guidance today or the art of not screwing up", available on Amazon, Google and Kobo for download.

Influence in guidance is a real plague that contributes to create doubt in you.

Are you still in control, do you really have full authority over your reasoning and thoughts? Where do your ideas come from? Do you even know on what real basis you made this or that choice and have this or that position?

It is not only in the form of advice, stories or articles whose information is too quickly accepted as fact that it gets into our heads. It is also embedded in our education, in the various organizations, rules, norms and processes that govern aspects of our lives and that we cannot necessarily fight: the grading system for learning and the resulting competition is a striking example.

It appears from your first notes and continues its pernicious work in different forms up to the labels: "you are unique", "you are made to be commercial", "you have the artistic fiber", "it is your vocation" you have to find your passion", "you are wasting your abilities", etc.

Influence is everywhere: Youtubers, websites, books, speakers, teachers, family...

Here are four precautionary principles that I suggest you implement to remedy it, whatever its form or field of action:

1) question the source's expertise.

2) identify and question the reasoning or references based on beliefs, the advice that will be given to you, those norms and stereotypes that no one questions, those quotes with nebulous interpretation, those convincing sophisms, those "courses" or methods of orientation biased by the way of thinking of their author that do not really give you the freedom to think.

Ideally, here is point 3) Research in depth the different elements identified, ideally via research into scientific studies, paying attention to the financing of these studies, because we are all aware, since the lawsuit against the tobacco companies, of the procedures used to discredit serious studies by producing other scientific studies explaining the opposite in order to sow doubt. Influencing by sowing doubt is the best way of discrediting and fabricating ignorance.

4) accept that on certain questions, nothing is really demonstrable or 100% sure.


In orientation, during the stage of finding help to choose a profession, doubt also comes from all these theories or methods, creating a great difficulty for the public to find their way and make the right choice.

Your desire should above all guide your choice, what you like to invest yourself in, an activity that has meaning for you, that is close to your heart, and this, for identified and thorough reasons. To make this type of choice, you must already know yourself well and learn to listen to yourself. Barbara Sher, among others, put forward some principles more than 40 years ago, and recently, renowned authors and speakers such as Simon Sinek, Idriss Aberkane and Carlos Tinoco have each analyzed in their own way the problem of a grade-based education for future generations, with a focus on guidance.

In my opinion, however, they forget to take into account (I have not read this anywhere) the weight of influence and its duration, which cannot be quantified, in learning but also in the choice of a profession that will have an impact on the quality of life, which is therefore, in my opinion, still an essential parameter of the equation.

This 5-day (35 hours minimum) academic and career guidance program for students and first-time career changers will help you to know what you really want and to find your career, intelligently. Without being influenced. In complete autonomy.

If you want to avoid being influenced as much as possible in your orientation, if you are looking for meaning in your future job, if you are looking for a book that does not compartmentalize your thinking according to the way of thinking and beliefs of the author, then this program is for you.

This tool is mainly intended for curious students who like to think, including about themselves and ask questions, who have a heart to deepen their knowledge when necessary and who do not give up at the first difficulty and even less on an issue such as their future professional life.

It may be difficult, this is normal since you have been conditioned to think of your orientation by grades (good grades in math = engineer), you have to manage to get out of this pattern and it is not always obvious.

It has been designed to be read very quickly and to move immediately to the exercise program because you prefer to be outside with your friends and this is quite understandable. With this in mind, you will find in this book the minimum amount of information necessary on the subject of choosing a career and influence, so that you won't be bored and it will benefit you.

Not necessarily looking for personalized orientation coaching?

My orientation program is sensible and effective, no matter what your situation!

Focus only on what moves you forward in your thinking.

Take stock of your desires.
Evaluate your personal tastes.
Identify a specific career such as "Telecom R&D Engineer" and not just a path or field.
BONUS in this edition :
+ Create an effective resume
+ Write aneffective cover letter.
= Be ready for any interview!
And of course the essential tutorials:
- Go deeper into the job descriptions.
- Choose your training intelligently.

Get a result similar to orientation coaching for 1/20 to 1/40 of the price.

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