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Interview by Le monde on the question of the Bac Grand Oral exam

The article appeared in a short format given the very specific subject matter regarding the burgeoning offer of coaching specifically labeled "Grand Oral du Bac" to ride the emotional wave created by this new exercise, but it was a discussion that led us to wonder how a system of guidance and orientation based on grades ends up requiring applicants to be convincing about their choice of orientation.

A confusing collapse of meaning.

How to justify a choice that is not really one's own, that one has been influenced to make, and that one has not given enough thought to. Quite a program.

It will also be a first for the examiners who will have to note an argumentation, it will thus be necessary to see what it will give, but it is very likely that this new BAC should not be a failure, it would not be glorious.
We can also wonder what the specific skills of these examiners will be, will they have HR training for example.
As a result, if the quality of the argumentation is low, there will have to be a levelling down to save the honour and this will be at the expense of the interest of the exercise. Having done job interview simulations at the Sorbonne about 17 years ago with students at the end of their studies, if one considers that this has an empirical value, there is every reason to believe that it will in fact be a fiasco. The only remaining question is whether it will be made public.

It is also to be put in relation with these statistics of the CNESCO (National Center of Evaluation of the School System):

43% of young people do not have a career plan when they choose their field of study
47% of the children of managers say that their parents pushed them to follow certain paths or tracks
54% gave up applying for a planned course of study when they were advised against it
37% of students do not continue in the field of study in which they were enrolled at the end of their Bachelor's degree

Of course, they are trying to find solutions to these problems, by ensuring that students are motivated for the specialties they have chosen and that they have a well-thought-out career plan.

Interesting on the form, but of a rare hypocrisy for a system which proposes only 4 hours of course on the orientation in class of second (for the moment).

Text written in May 2021.




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