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1. Website Publisher:
   Name: Philippe Vivier
   Address: 71 Allée de Terre Vieille 33160 Saint médard en jalles
   Phone: 067317667
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2. Publication Director:
   Name: Philippe Vivier
   Address: 71 Allée de Terre Vieille 33160 Saint médard en jalles
   Phone: 067317667
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3. Website Host:
   Hosting Company Name: o2switch
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4. Personal Data Collection:
   Personal information collected through the contact form (name, phone number, email address) is used solely for the purpose of responding to inquiries, contacting you, and sending a few annual newsletters. These data will not be shared with third parties without your prior consent.

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7. Liability:
   The website publisher cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of this website or the information it contains.

8. Applicable Law:
   This website is subject to French law.

9. Contact:
   For any questions or complaints regarding this website, please contact us at the provided contact details.

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