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Pricing of Academic services, coaching and accompaniment

Number of sessions depending on the type of coaching

Career Coaching

Choosing a profession, defining a career plan.

5 to 6 sessions.

Organization Coaching

Structure and scheduling.

2 to 3 sessions.

Methodological support

Work efficiently, quickly and well, with the right learning techniques.

2 to 4 sessions.

Public speaking coaching

Preparation techniques, identifying areas for improvement and knowing how to work on them.

6 to 7 sessions.

Rates and packages


1 remote session

For one-off support

To complete a package

For a face-to-face rate, contact me


5 remote sessions

From High School to University 4+ Years

A "specific" profession Like: Lawyer specialized in family law

100% personalized

No tests!


3 remote sessions

Thinking ahead

Learning to plan

Acquire knowledge efficiently

Optimize time

Lasting memory

Public Speaking

6 remote sessions

Creating and understanding the support material

Coaching on oral delivery, tone, speed, clarity, etc.

Managing stress

Understand and develop questions with ease

Video support and feedback

Additional work with a voice specialist is available separately from the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods are accepted?

International wire transfers or Paypal.

What are the terms of payment?

A rib code to make a wire transfer or an email address to send your payment by Paypal will be sent to you by email before the start of the coaching.

How often are sessions scheduled?

Career coaching generally lasts 2 to 3 months. There is no definitive number of sessions for a coaching, and some students may only need 1 or 2 sessions, to help them make a definitive choice of direction or course of study, for example.

Even in the longest and most complicated cases, a coaching never lasts more than 9 sessions.

Ideally, whatever the type of coaching, an appointment every two weeks will enable us to make the best possible progress, without altering the dynamic of work and reflection.

How long do sessions last?

Coaching sessions last 1 hour, but we can schedule 1.5-hour sessions according to your needs and the issues, progress or personal imperatives involved, at the hourly rate mentioned above.

If you wish, or if it proves necessary, a regular or exceptional follow-up by email is possible between sessions. Invoicing is calculated on the basis of time spent (time spent reflecting on a possible document, formulating a particular question, etc.) and I undertake to get back to you within 48 hours.

What happens if I miss a session?

When we agree on a session, this time is reserved for you, and I can't usually allocate it to someone else at the last minute. In the event of your withdrawal, any session not cancelled 48 hours in advance will be billed to you, unless it's a case of force majeure.

Do the packages have a validity period?

Support can be spread over several months, or even a few weeks, depending on the potential urgency of the situation, as is often the case with career coaching.

Packages are valid for 4 months.

How are remote sessions organized and conducted?

Sessions are generally held remotely via Skype or other software.

All information will be communicated to you in the information e-mail you will receive following your decision to follow a coaching program, including details of how to pay for the package or sessions.

Do I need to book far in advance?

Saturday or late afternoon slots are often the most popular, so depending on your schedule, it's best not to leave it to the last minute.

If you have "gaps" in your schedule in the morning or mid-afternoon, I usually have short-term availability.

It's always preferable to work over a 3-month period, so it's best to make arrangements in advance to give the pupil or student time to digest and mature our work and his or her thoughts.

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Coaching is a short, productive, effective and targeted action that aims for autonomy without being influenced.


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