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Remote Student Coaching by Video Conference

In 2005, I undertook a research project on distance coaching (available on this site) to obtain my coaching diploma. I conducted an experiment on distance coaching using different modes of communication in order to determine its effectiveness and to compare it to traditional face-to-face coaching. Otherwise known as E-coaching, this type of remote coaching is very developed in the United States.
The conclusion of my research work and the experiment I conducted clearly shows that only the telephone is a means of communication that can really replace face-to-face coaching. During this work, for technical reasons, video-conferencing, which is a kind of virtual face-to-face, could unfortunately not be studied.
Today, after many years of experience and practice of online coaching by videoconference, I can affirm without any doubt that remote coaching by videoconference is MORE effective than face-to-face coaching:
  • The client is in a known environment and is therefore more comfortable
  • The relationship is established almost identically
  • We go straight to the point during the sessions
  • We save time by avoiding travel
  • Greater flexibility of appointments
  • The relative distance between the interlocutors puts at ease the most shy, which allows to advance more quickly in the reflection and in the work
  • Easy to guarantee anonymity
  • Guarantee of professional secrecy
Many coaches or large groups receive their clients in a place without soundproofing and/or multiple offices are stuck together and/or everyone can see the clients coming and going and this does not seem to me to promote serenity. It's not about being zen, but it's about the client feeling comfortable in the environment. This is one of the major advantages of video-conferencing appointments.

Online school and student coaching by videoconference is for students who want to optimize their time, by desire or by necessity depending on their schedule, who cannot travel, or who do not have a professional school and student coach close to their home.

Video conferencing via ZOOM or Skype* is now a means of communication that we all use regularly with friends and family.

As a result, we are generally comfortable with these means of communication, but more importantly, they are more effective than face-to-face coaching and most importantly, very convenient.
Terms and Organization

The fees for the distance school and student coaching are the same as for the face to face sessions and have the same conditions as those mentioned on my Fees page.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, check or Paypal.

Payment must be received at least 2 days in advance to definitively "book" your appointment. You can send your payment directly to the address I will give you.

After our first contact, we will define our organization, and I will send you a summary email with my login so that you can add me as a contact in the software.

Appointments will be made from one session to the next.

The program I mainly use is "SKYPE" it is free and easy to use, but if you use another software, it will be possible for me to install it on my computer and use it for our sessions.

Most laptops have a built-in webcam, microphone and speakers, so you don't have to buy external devices like you do with a desktop PC or Mac.